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I do a range of art ad I also take requests! Come have a look, you could find something you like...


Sherlock by shiningspiritwolf
No Name? More Practice I guess? by shiningspiritwolf
Self Portrait by shiningspiritwolf
Fallen And Alone -request- by shiningspiritwolf

Only just started doing these, but willing to have a go!

Please, people ONLY until I have a proper go at animals! *never thought I'd say THAT!*

*Note: The last one has a painted background and a lined wolf.*

Full body w/ Background+Shade
Fallen And Alone -request- by shiningspiritwolf
Tea? .:Commission:. by shiningspiritwolf
You Lookin' At Me? .:Commission:. by shiningspiritwolf
A full body drawing with up to 2 characters and a detailed background 
Colour w/ Shade, no BG
New character! by shiningspiritwolf
Request for Star! by shiningspiritwolf
Colouring with more detail and no Background
Full body, flat colour, simple BG
Just A S c r a t c h, Just A S c a r_AT! by shiningspiritwolf
Maddy request! by shiningspiritwolf
Wolf BG for my friend by shiningspiritwolf

You an have up to 2 characters and any simple BG


Examples are not flat coloured nor full body but they still don't have much shade, and are bust shots 

Simple neat sketch
OHMIGOD. I UPLOADED. 'This City's Burning' by shiningspiritwolf
Meh- Horse expressions 1 by shiningspiritwolf
Pen Doodles: Dragon :3 by shiningspiritwolf
Akari is TIRED! by shiningspiritwolf
A simple sketch but not as messy as usual.


Megaras Tattoos by shiningspiritwolf
Megaras Tattoos
Like I said, here are her tats :3 I added a few more because I didn't think just 4 looked right.


Top left: Wolf with purple eyes in a dream catcher. The beads in the middle are purple whereas the others are brown.

Bottom left: That hand though XD A black cross on her middle finger.

Top right (Closest to head): Wolf paw print.

Top right: Zig-zag pattern that goes all around her arm.

Top right (Under zig-zag): Deer with feathers around it. The ones in the middle are turquoise and so are it's eyes.

Chest/Back: Roses and vines. Vines on the back reach to the end of the back.

Well, there we goooo!
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: Music xD (A-AR at the moment) If you request something PLEASE don't request a human! You guies know I don't do people unless it's just a personal character~

We broke up fro half term holidays today and OMG I COULDN'T BE MORE PLEASED. 8. WEEKS.I.SUFFERED. ;-;
Human Megara by shiningspiritwolf
Human Megara
Wow okay I can't draw people. I guess this bad as I to draw them. On with her human info!

Personal Info

Name: Megara "Meg" Armstrong
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5ft



Sweet | Kind | Shy | Anxious | Animal/Nature Lover | Hopeless Romantic | Nerd | Morbid Curiosity | Lonely :c


Megara is the kind who will help no matter what. She hates seeing people in need, and gets attatched to things easy.


Meg is kind and sweet, but she is shy, and it will take some nerve for her to get used to you. She gets embarrassed easily, and hates public speaking. She never knows how to reply to compliments and she will never tell you how she feels about you in a romantic way, as of fear of embarrassment from rejection.


Megara sleeps with a lamp on and with her door open. She checks behind her all the time if shes alone, and she can't get over horror films/games. It doesn't help that she has a morbid curiosity, so she's always scaring herself with FNAF or Slenderman, the few things that are always in her mind. Stupid, she knows.

Animal/Nature Lover

She admires every plant, big or small, bright or dull. Her love for animals is huge, it's one of her biggest weaknesses. Her heart melts when she sees any baby animal, or any animal in general.

Hopeless Romantic

Megara always dreams of having that special person, but it never turns out right. She wants the perfect romance with cuddles and cute kisses, sitting by the fire and holding hands at restaurants. She awes at cute couples, sometimes wishing it was her and someone.


Meg enjoys playing games, reading, and stereotypical "Nerdy" things. She loves Lord Of The Rings, Superheroes, and her favourite games are Red Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed. She'd love to just sit down with a future partner and play video games or watch superhero films.

Morbid Curiosity

Megara hates supernatural things, but she can't help but watch a video about a "Ghost takes over person!11!!!11" or things about weird things that have been seen or found. She hates Slenderman, and is always anxious about it even though it's a game. This is the same with that damn FNAF. She has to play it with someone else there watching, and she always thinks about it when she goes to sleep, which doesn't help.


Being alone is the thing Megara fears most, yet, she is alone. She has had no long term relationship, but she has a few close friends who help her get over this. Much like a hopeless romantic, she thinks about the perfect relationship, and about not being alone for the rest of her life.

:bulletgreen: Hasn't had her first kiss yet </3
:bulletgreen: She has a few tattoos which aren't listed here but will be shown soon
:bulletgreen: She has a book pile bigger then herself. yep
:bulletgreen: She likes horses and canines
:bulletgreen: Shes a total hipster/pastel goth inside

Relationship Status: Single </3

RP Status: :bulletred:Closed:bulletred:

I really like her~

She is literally me. Her personality is JUST like me. I think she is my new persona! XD

Background by :iconwitchstyle:
  • Mood: Depressed
I want a commission of Megara as a human ;-; I'm using her in a RP and I drew her but it looks poo and she doesn't look pretty :c let me know if you can do it! (I have over 100 points)


shiningspiritwolf has started a donation pool!
115 / 2,000
Please, even if it's one! I'm trying so desperately to get a commission from CristalUniicorn because omg her art. Commissions are open, too!

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Kasey DJ Dino Kenyon
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Requests Open Stamp by izka197 Art Trades Closed Stamp by izka197 Collabs Open Stamp by izka197 Point Commissions Open Stamp by izka197 John Marston ftw by Berylunee

Well hello there!

I'm Kasey Kenyon, your one and ONLY Kasey Kenyon. -that is, if you don't know anyone else called that...-


I'm 14, Female, and I'm from England. Yup, Thats the first time I've shared my age on DeviantART. Well, now y'all know!

I'm pretty talkative, so don't be afrade to send me a random comment saying something from:
"Hai c:"

Yeah, I'm hyperactive, and I'd say I have a mild anxiety and OCD problem, but I try to not let that stop me. c: If you wonna know more about that, just send me a note or a comment, I'm not shy -well, over the internet I'm not.... In real life I won't even look at you ;w;-

I really love helping people out. So please, if you feel like no one cares, or you have no one to talk to, please, please, PLEASE send me a note! I WILL listen and WILL care, because your life is important to me! No one should have to feel like no one cares. c:


Well, I really like writing, photography, drawing -duh-, helping people out, reading, baking, cooking in general really, going on walks, video games, and music c:


I really enjoy: Red Dead Redemption, Halo, Assassins Creed 1/2/3/4, Darksiders, Minecraft, Okami, Zelda, Skyrim and State Of Decay!


Some bands I like:
Green Day
Panic! At The Disco
All Time Low
Fall Out Boy
Sleeping With Sirens
Pierce The Veil
Ghost town
Biffy Clyro

Like some, if not all, of them bands? We're now dating.

Yeah, I'm into rock, punk, alternative and post-hardcore!

I'm probably known for the weird kid who likes emo music and draws skinny wolves which is apparently "crule".... I dunno, a lot of people at my school are weird....

I dislike lables highly. Yeah, I'll say "we're just the emo group" as a JOKE from time to time, because that is kinda the truth.... Well, not emo, but just different. ANYWAY, yes, I hate lables and all that stuff!


I have a great small group of very close friends, most of which are male, -don't get me started on the critisism that gets.- but I honestly don't mind. I'm more comfortable in smaller groups, so yay. c: It's not like.... "I'm REALLY ANTI-SOCIAL AND WISH EVERYONE WHO ISN'T LIKE ME DIES", it's just I don't really fit in with the other people at school.. Them and their girly ways.... ;w; not that I have anything againts that XD And to be honest, thats not the reasn AT ALL, because the girls in my year are not -well most of them- girly, just.... really popular x3 ANYWAY, I'M SURE YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR MY LIFE STORY XD

Well, I hope you like me, and my art XD -sounds so cheesy ;w;-
Thanks for visiting my page!
Have a grat day!


:iconlolzneo: :iconjetrelie: :icondijoniah: :iconmarlieswolf1996: :iconpaintedbreeze: :iconmaddyevans1992: :iconjosefinewolves:

People I know in real life: :iconkaipiez: :iconhill5398:

Youtubers fangirl moment: AHHHHHH OMG!
:thumb188269961: Assasins Creed Smosh Stamp by xXScatteredFlashXx

Random stamps xD
Biffy stamp by glitter-gulch Panic At The Disco Stamp 3 by darkdissolution Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza Pierce The Veil Stamp by Flynnux Ghost Town Band Stamp by thed3vilssmile Billy Talent Stamp by TheChiza Green Day Stamp by Flynnux Sleeping With Sirens Stamp by Flynnux All Time Low Stamp by Flynnux You Me At Six Stamp by oxygenik

TV etc

Grimm <3 Handsome and the Beast by bandaid-l0ve Wolf in sheep clothing by bandaid-l0veGrimm Stamp by StampWolf
Hereoes <3 Zach makes me tic - stamp by jojoMALFOY HEROES STAMP by ouaf Heroes Animated Stamp by StampsLikeCrazy
Breaking Bad <3 Breaking Bad Periodic Table Theme Stamp by SpectreSinistre SERIOUSLY WHY NO STAMPS OF BRBA

Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic Assassins Creed Stamp by cojocea2010 True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX I Suck at Drawing Backgrounds by MelissaDalton I love black stamp by violetsteel Addicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesner Dark and Cute Stamp by bezzalair My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 :thumb122651810: Alone Stamp by Mirz123 Slow Artist: Stamp by JazzaX Because practice makes perfect. by stars-and-shadows Bats Only by Songficcer Stamp: Short and Proud by Stamp-Abuse Ninetails Love Stamp by SquirtleStamps Nocturnal Artist by Timesplitter92 nocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexa My OC are my treasure STAMP by The-Last-Fallen-Ange OC stamp by Suyy My favourite sport by prosaix Don't Sleep Enough by Stampernaut I love Italian Greyhounds by WishmasterAlchemist I wish I could meet some of my dA friends :'3 Friends stamp by Meddle689 Around Friends Stamp by SparkLum Bad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxx Background Music by Skylark-93 FAIL As A Girl Stamp by JiiHaku The Friend Stamp by Busiris I Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSaku :thumb98874067: Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2 I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05

The Big Band Theory Spam!
The Big Bang Theory Stamp 2 by Dekaff :thumb157720426: TBBT Sheldon Stamp by DekaffTBBT Howard Stamp by Dekaff leonard fan stamp by scribblin TBBT Penny Stamp by Dekaff Raj fan stamp by scribblin Sheldon Stamp 3 by Dekaff :thumb321234324: Dr. Cooper Isn't Crazy by ashleymnolan bazinga_Istamp by CalamityJade Penny Penny Penny by SantaiIvy :thumb157720426:
RDJ <3
RDJ Kisses For Everyone Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp - Iron Hugs by Isilrina Get that out of my face STAMP by ShariIsLikeWHOA

I think thats anough stamps for now o.O

poppies by seductive-woof
  • Mood: Thrilled
  • Listening to: Music xD (A-AR at the moment) If you request something PLEASE don't request a human! You guies know I don't do people unless it's just a personal character~

We broke up fro half term holidays today and OMG I COULDN'T BE MORE PLEASED. 8. WEEKS.I.SUFFERED. ;-;
  • Mood: Depressed
I want a commission of Megara as a human ;-; I'm using her in a RP and I drew her but it looks poo and she doesn't look pretty :c let me know if you can do it! (I have over 100 points)
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Watching: Breaking Bad
I'm looking for some more EQUINE or HUMAN RP :3 I'm willing do do different genres (but romance/action/adventure are my forte) send links for characters and what genre because I don't want to agree on a RP and not be able to think of a genre/story~

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