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Art and shizzle

My baes

Megara <3
Comm: Beauty Queen by BEIGERONI Comm.|Shiningspiritwolf by everidi

Boo <3
Eve, My Playmate by BEIGERONI

Clio and Alfred <3
[PC] shiningspiritwolf by puddli

He's A Pirate <3
Comm: Mr. Pirate by BEIGERONI He's a Pirate by Caynidae


Full body w/ Background+Shade
Tea? .:Commission:. by shiningspiritwolf
.:Would You Do It Again?:. by shiningspiritwolf
A full body drawing with up to 2 characters and a detailed background. 

Note: Second image is a photo. That may be what you will get if I can't do a specific design. 
Colour w/ Shade, no BG
Aint Misbehavin'  by shiningspiritwolf
Am I Cute Yet? .:AT:. by shiningspiritwolf
Lyric Got A Makeover! by shiningspiritwolf
Colouring with more detail and no Background
Full body, flat colour, simple BG
Tea? .:Commission:. by shiningspiritwolf
.:Hold On:. by shiningspiritwolf

You can have up to 2 characters and any simple BG.

 (No proper examples but these are relatively simple BGs 

Simple neat sketch
Pen Doodles: Dragon :3 by shiningspiritwolf
Sicky wip by shiningspiritwolf
Mangafa Request by shiningspiritwolf
A simple sketch but not as messy as usual.

Note: Do not come coloured.
Character Design -Human-
Amata Jinx .:RP Ref:. by shiningspiritwolf
Link Dawson .:RP REF:. by shiningspiritwolf
With An Angel Face |Ezio : RP OPEN| by shiningspiritwolf
Nova Ref *RP OPEN* REDO Of INFO! by shiningspiritwolf
One Character Design, human.

Please specify;




Character Design -Equine-
Elijah (Eli) (LOOKING FOR GROUP) by shiningspiritwolf
Let Me Live In The Eye Of The Storm by shiningspiritwolf
#009 GSS Hallows Eve by shiningspiritwolf
Universe | PDC | Traditional by shiningspiritwolf
One character design. Can be un/realistic.

Please specify:

Realistic? Y/N

Colour Scheme?


Extra? (Wings, horns etc)
Character Design -Canine-
Akari Ref! by shiningspiritwolf
Steam- Ref by shiningspiritwolf
New character! by shiningspiritwolf
'Teck' by shiningspiritwolf
One Canine Character Design. (Excuse the old art.)

Please specify;

Realistic? Y/N

Colour scheme?



Extra? (Wings, horns etc)


shiningspiritwolf's Profile Picture
Captain Kasey
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Wonderful ID done by :iconequinelullaby:!

RP cute stamp by himawari-tan Rp love by Rocky-Vermillion I RP FLUFF by DarthSuki DA stamp - Roleplays 003 by tppgraphics All Nighter RP Stamp by zoshi

fuck your bad vibes - stamp by cacw 2 kawaii 2 die - stamp by cacw Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Coffee Lover Stamp by A-Sent-Miracle .music love. by icedtay


The name's Kasey, 15 years old and England born and raised. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember and honestly? I'm still improving a lot.

I'm not your average 15 year old girl - I love video games and have little interest in makeup and fashion. I have more close male friends then female, and we're all one small, crazy group. I spend most of my lunches at school sitting with two of my bros and they happen to have a DeviantART account, too. You should really check em out, links below. I have 3 dogs, two jack russlles and one pomchi. Thats a pomeranian cross chihuahua... Hella cute. We also have two baby bearded dragons.

Unfortunately, I have a bad problem with worrying. I'm not diagnosed with Anxiety //As I haven't been to get it checked.// but yep, I'm always worrying. I have a tight feeling in my throat that I worry about, but I've been told someone else in my family struggled with it but alas, I worry. I'm a hypochondriac, and have trypophobia. Don't google it.

I listen to a few genres of music, like rock and sup genres of rock like punk, pop-punk, and I also like Indie music and a little bit of Folky/Country stuff, House and Electronic. I don't really like pop music...

My goal for life is to become a professional artist. I would like to have a job in animation, storyboarding, game development or illustration.

As you can probably tell, I love RP. Seriously, just note me or comment with who and what you would like to do and I'll probably accept if it seems good. I don't do smut! It can happen in it, but I won't write it.

Have some stamps.

Awkward by Fyi-Sus Wow You Really Suck Stamp by ladieoffical It Never Ends.. by electr0kill Always tired... by prosaix Ew People by electr0kill Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism I'm a Child of the Darkness. by UmbrellaUnrequired Stitch by AdrianaFilip ghosts stamp by fogIake Wolf by electr0kill I :heart: crows by corda-stamps Rain Stamp by LaraLeeL

Fan +BTVII+ by Twilight-Reaper Ben LoveII +BTII+ by Twilight-Reaper Surrender +BTVI+ by Twilight-Reaper Fan +BTVIII+ by Twilight-Reaper

Green Day Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps The Killers Stamp by j1mmyj6zz Gamer Stamp by Fastmon Biffy stamp by glitter-gulch Panic At The Disco Stamp 3 by darkdissolution

<a href="Jean Kirschtein Stamp by sennketsu :SNK: Jean stamp by Yellow--Arrow Levi/Rivaille Stamp by Nabiryi Stamp: Rivaille attacks by Lily-de-Wakabayashi Heichou stamp by DorothyBomeraang Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Armin 3 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Surprised Levi by wow1076 Hanji Zoe Stamp by Nabiryi Hanji Zoe Stamp by Norieko Eren Jaeger Stamp by Nabiryi </a>

And have some friends. Sorry if I miss you off! Just let me know if you want to be up here <3

:iconmysticthearabian: :iconequinelullaby: :iconrhixas: :icondarkest-winters: :iconpaintedbreeze:

And have my irl friends ew

:iconpaintmeprickly: :iconthelittlecoconut: :iconkai-piez: :iconnarwhaleit:


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To do list:

Commissions for Rhixas
-2 FB w/BG
-3 Full body

Commission for madzton

Commission for DivinityEclipse
-FB, FC w/SB

Commission for xXNumber-SixXx

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Ugh guys I need lots of RPs with Chieko please I love her far to much <3

Preferably people who have characters in :icondivinity-in-shadows: but I can make an exception (though official relationships with those out of the group couldn't happen</3 this isn't preferred)

I'm hoping to find a nerdy little boyfriend for the weirdo (or a complete opposite could work nicely xD) but I can also do friendships! -not enemies, Chie doesn't like having enemies and I feel like it wouldn't go anywhere xD- Hoping to have it as a official thing though, would love for her to have a nerd family heh.

Okay anyway, I'll give some more information on Chieko below as well as some methods and possible story lines perhaps.

Chieko: (can't get ref as I'm on my phone)

Very outgoing and this can lead her to forget about about a thing called personal space. She's rather intelligent and also a risk taker. She's not afraid to try things which leads her to be daring and a adrenaline junkie. Though she seems pretty crazy, she really is a sweet, likeable mare.

-Left eyebrow is shorter due to being burnt
-Can almost always be seen with smoke on her face from experiments
-She has a Red King (sulfer) protection mark due to an attempted possession. This left her with a half finished pentagram under the sulfer mark on her left hind quarter.
-her wings are pretty much useless. Bits of them are broken and messy again due to her reckless lifestyle
-She had a Neon atom on her left shoulder and a Argon atom on her right

Possible storylines:


-Perhaps your character is interested in the sciences and Chieko takes them under her wing (no pun intended) acting as a mentor as such. The two get to know each other well and feelings start forming.


-Your oc could meet Chieko on a free day and they begin talking. After a while of various meets, they start becoming friends and join in on experiments/whatever your OC does.

Anything else? Let me know! Feel free to suggest anything as Im pretty pants at just coming up with ideas.

Methods: (in order of most preferred to least)


Note: I'm more likely to go for a couple rp because I love cuteness. I also would prefer a pretty detailedish rp so no one liners or anything. Preferably one or two paragraphs at the least. Of course you can have bad days, I do all the time, but I loose interest quickly if replies lack detail or fail to continue the story. Don't be afraid to spice up the RP with plot twists, shockers, "making moves" etc. I'm also fine with doing a human version rp too!

Thank you for reading guys!

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